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Tutti gli articoli del mese di February2011

  • mushin_: Un negozio per vendere gadget #wikileaks:

  • Coca-Cola Happiness Truck

  • ForeUI: A Mac app for designing website and UI mock-ups

  • Do women play more games than men?

  • Malaysia’s Prime Minister met up with Twitter and Facebook friends

  • Everything that can go wrong with Windows Phone 7 update does

  • The Secret to Getting 50,000 Followers on Twitter

  • iPad 2 Expected to Be Unveiled By Apple on March 2nd

  • Google kills Android contact feature in Facebook data spat

  • Lanyrd Keeps Your Conference Life On Track, Via Twitter

  • Internet Archive Partners With 150 Libraries to Launch an E-Book Lending Program

  • Is Node.js Becoming a Part of the Stack? SimpleGeo Says Yes.

  • Nowcasts: Predicting the Present

  • mushin_: Le donne con il #gaming ci danno dentro…

  • mushin_: Articolo da non perdere su #Google e il #Nowcasting. Trovate linkati 3 papers molto, molto interessanti: #ebook

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