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Tutti gli articoli del mese di June2010

  • Infograph | Are we addicted to the internet?

  • “Request to License” via Getty Images is here!

  • Enhancing Net Promoter Score (NPS) with Total Social Customer Value (TSCV)

  • VuvuzelaFiltering, eliminare quel fastidioso rumore delle vuvuzela

  • Scribd’s Decision To Dump Flash Pays Off, User Engagement Triples

  • iPhone Apps With iAd Integration Appear In The App Store

  • mushin_: Sul mio profilo #Flickr è già attiva l’opzione per mettere sotto licenza con #Getty i miei contenuti. Un bel passo:

  • mushin_: Secondo #Scribd passare da flash ad HTML5 per gestire l’embed di contenuti paga. Eccome. Numeri triplicati:

  • How To Get Emails Notifications From Facebook Fan Pages

  • Updated: Facebook iPhone App Now Lets You Watch Facebook Videos

  • The New Digg Alpha Is (Kinda) Live

  • Is Google Indexing Your Content Faster with Caffeine?

  • Passes 200 Million Blog Posts

  • Daily Tip: Want to Connect BuddyPress With Foursquare? Check out the New BP Foursquare API

  • YouTube Kicks Off Dance Contest with Help from Step Up 3-D Director

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